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August 2017

Annual Georgia Summer HFMA Institute

This year Duane Kennedy had the honor last week, July 26th-28th, of attending the annual Georgia Summer HFMA Institute in Jekyll Island, Florida. Over the past couple months, Duane got to work closely with some leaders in in the Atlanta/Georgia Healthcare arena (on the HFMA program committee) on organizing the event. Attendees included 150+ professionals from around the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest.

Some insight from Duane: My favorite piece had to be the chance to network with everyone and spread ideas. I was overwhelmed with how many different routes the industry holds, and how many it will hold into the future with emerging technology and constant change to Revenue Cycle processes and regulations. With so many pieces to the Revenue Cycle, people are really digging deep to perfect processes where a lot of dollars fall in the cracks. Fortunately for us IT guys, a lot these solutions are software focused!

Along the with the chance to collaborate, we had 3 days of sessions. Some of my favorites included:
  • Inpatient Reimbursement (really makes me want to perfect my charging work and follow it all the way to monitoring denial rates)
  • Rural hospital CFO Panel (Highly interesting, as they discussed the challenges of providing care in rural health setting)
  • Data driven decisions; How to get the most out of your clinical data
  • The key to improving revenue cycle operations
  • Who you are becoming as a leader (maybe a classic “feel good” example, but I really take in forms of empowerment when I have the chance)
  • Ideas I might like to discuss into the future:
  • Learning new EDI strategies around Denial Management/Cash Management/Payment Acceleration. I was actually offered weekly learning sessions on a Denial Management solution from a consultant at “etactics”.
  • A target of rural Health Hospitals. They lack the ability to attract and retain financial, professionals.
I look forward to staying actively involved in the Georgia HFMA and being a constant resource for financial projects going into the future.